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Vicious Cycle

Hello! I have found myself in a vicious cycle of needing a second cup of coffee in the afternoon. This then results in lots of energy until way past my usual bedtime. Then I am exhausted in the morning and needing my coffee again in the afternoon for survival. I am hoping to drink just half a cup this afternoon and get to bed alright tonight.

But since we are talking coffee I thought I would show you my favorite cup. I love this cup. First of all, it holds and entire mocha so it's big. Then just look at everything that's going on. Birk calls it my mustache cup but I don't think it's suppossed to be a mustache. Anyway I love it and I am happy to drink out of it every morning (and afternoon). I was going to give you a link so you could see more of her work but I can't find her online anywhere. I bought mine at Good Dirt Pottery in Athens, so if you are ever in town or want to give them a call I am sure they would be happy to help.

Everyone have a good afternoon, I will be back tomorrow with Studio Shots and my 500 post!
See ya!

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