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500th Post, Studio Shots, and a Give Away, ! (whew! Look,the title was so long it took 2 lines)

buttons, out of the kiln yesterday

Hey Hey! I can't believe it! 500 posts, man time flies when you're having fun. It was March 26th 2007 when I wrote my first post. Then it was another seven months before I posted again! Ha Ha, you guys would kill me if I didn't post for that long now. Even if it's been a few days, people start asking if I am okay. It's fun to look back over the past few years to see what I have been up to, sometimes I even forget what I've done. My second post was the kick off to my annual Ten Weeks of Holiday Projects. I have hosted a Creative Celebration and several open houses on this blog. It's soo much fun! I really never thought I would like blogging, who knew? Thanks for reading all of them and bugging me when there is too much time between posts. I appreciate it more than you know.

Well, I started my studio shots last week and so here they are again this week. Seriously, I just walked around the studio and took these photos. I like the no planning just shooting method so you can see what's really going on, mess and all. I spared you a shot of the jewelry making table this week, but it is still just as messy.

yep, the cycle continues

beads from the show last weekend and some of mine waiting to be sets

button rack for stores

hot kiln waiting to be unloaded

my first packed box for Bead and Button

Okay, so here's the deal we are going to make today's give away about blogging in honor of my 500th post. Leave me a comment here and if you're a blogger leave me your blog address too. I try to follow most of you who comment but I want to get all of you entered in my bloglines list. Blog readers might also find some cool blogs they don't know about this way too. Let's see how many comments I can get between now and Monday morning. If you have never commented before, it's super easy. You don't need an account or anything, just type away. If you're anonymous, make sure you put your name in the comment though. Okay the prize.... this entire set of woodland charms. I will announce the winner on Monday, make sure you check back to see if you're the one.Do a Happy Dance, it's Friday,

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