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Winner and More

Hey Hey it's Monday....Around here it's our last Monday for school. Wahoo! We are so tired of getting up early and making sure homework is done in the evenings. Nik and I might be more excited than the boys about being finished. I worked to get some new jewelry made up yesterday and I am really excited to share it with you. The sun needs to come up and I can get to photographing. I am also going to shoot some of my new work for Etsy too. It's about time, eh? There is a lot going on here in the Jennifer Jangles Studios and Etsy had to be put aside for awhile, but it's going to be loaded up real soon. And, of course, I will let you know when that happens.

By the way the felt and ceramic ball necklace is a free project. You can find it on the side bar of the blog or you can click here.

I know you are wanting to know if you are the winner if the woodland beads, but first I need to say some things...kind of an acceptance speech but backwards because you get the prize. I loved all of your wonderful comments. You are all so nice and if your blog wasn't already on my list I promise you will be added now. It was so nice to hear that you all read it regularly and like what I say. I never know these things when I am here just a chugging along making beads and buttons. So thanks and I hope you keep reading another 500 more, gosh I hope blogs don't go out of style....

Okay, Okay and the winner is...number 8. That's you Courtney! Email me your address at jennifer(at) and I will send your woodland set out right away. Congratulations!

Have a good one,

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