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The Progression of Starfish

Hey there! Long time no chat....I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, wahoo! I am getting everything packed up for Bead and Button and I have a big button order shipping out tomorrow. I am happy to leave town with the big things wrapped up. I made some more of my new pendants for the show this past week. I took pictures as I went. Above you can see the starfish and others drying on the plaster boards.

They went in the kiln for a day and came out ready to be glazed. Oops, forgot to take that photo! After the glazing they went back in the kiln for a second time, but this time they had to be hung so they didn't touch any other pendants or it would have bee a big mess.

Now they are out and ready to go to the show. I know a few of you wanted one of these pretty badly, so if you do, here's is what you can do.... Send me an email jennifer(at) and let me know, I will send you an invoice in paypal for the starfish and shipping (10.00 + 2.00)and I will mail it out tomorrow.

The nice folks at Carnival of Shopping mentioned me in their blog, you can check it out here.

Have a great day,

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