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Hello Out There

Hi there! Whew....I think I have recovered from Bead and Button. It's exhausting and then there's always so much to do when I return. I feel like I am finally getting things back to normal. Plus, as usual, I got my annual Bead and Button sinus infection. You would think I would learn, I get run down getting ready for the show and then it happens. I swear every year it will be different, but it's not. I am happy to report the antibiotics are working and I am back to normal. Well as normal as I can be.

We have been working hard here to get things back up and running in the Etsy shops. I think I mentioned Katie before. She is one of my new helpers. I have been teaching her to photograph and list items for Etsy. I am hoping this will get things to the shop much faster than when I was trying to do it. So last week, we got some jewelry and new supply bags in the Jangles Emporium. This week we will be working all week to get the Jangles Etsy filled back up. Stay tuned, I will keep you updated.

I promise you'll be hearing from me more this week.
Have a Happy Monday!

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