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Strike Offs


This just arrived the other day in my mailbox and I was so excited! I am learning about the fabric process as I go, so I will share. Yes, that is actual fabric above! But it doesn't quite look exactly right. These are called strike offs. In The Beginning Fabrics submits my fabric designs to the mill. The mill then screen prints the fabric as close as they can to what it will look like when it's printed. They send it back for us to look at and give changes to them. This will happen a few more times and then when they designs and colors are exactly what they should be they will be actually printed. These are the first set of strike offs, the color is a little off and the black lines are thicker than what they will be, and the fabric quality is not as nice as the real deal. But we are getting closer and closer to having real fabric to sew with. EEEEK! I cannot wait. I have a whole list of projects to make.

And below is a copy of the spring In The Beginning newsletter. I made the front page. Sorry about the bad photo, it's the best I could do. I still need that new camera.

Have a great day,

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