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Good Morning,

I cannot believe how many things I found in my garden today. This cute little caterpillar was on my Celiosia. So was the bee, these flowers smell like honey so I guess that explains why he was there.

Then I took about twenty pictures to get this one of the butterfly. I had to though, it was so pretty.
This guy is about four inches long and I almost ran into him. I am so happy I saw the web at the last minute. He was guarding my blackberries. Yikes!

I then had a fun surprise. I thought I had this gigantic vine that is seriously 30 feet long and growing along my fence of cucumbers. I completely forgot that I had panted birdhouse gourds. I have a hundred or so of these little starts on the vine. I found a couple of big ones too. I am much more excited to see gourds, I don't like cucumbers enough to have that many. Not that I know what to do with that many gourds. Got any suggestions? I would love to hear them.

Happy Saturday!

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