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Swing Necklace


Hey, Hey,

I made a new necklace. I am loving it an wearing it right now.

It was super simple, and here's what you need:

3 Jangles ceramic pearls
2 brightly colored cane glass rings5 assorted size and colored coconut shell discs
one of my new bead sets on Etsy

6" 18 gauge gunmetal wire
18 inches 2mm x 4mm gunmetal chain
2 4mm gunmetal jump rings
1 6mm gunmetal spring clasp

Needle Nose PliersChain Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

1. Take the end of the wire in your needle nose pliers. Turn the wire around the pliers several times to make a loop.

2. String your beads on in any order you would like.

3.Trim the excess wire to an inch in length. Grab that end in the pliers and twist a loop to match the first loop.
4. Open up a jump ring and attach one end of the necklace to one end of chain. Do the same on the second side.

5. Attach the spring clasp to the back of the necklace.

That was super easy, eh? So I have put several sets of these beads in my Etsy shop. I also put some longer sets that would make super cool bracelets, some pairs for earrings, and pendants.

Have a great day,

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