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The Big Give-a-Way

Hello, Hello,

Check out all of those boxes that went out last week! Whew, loads of shipping, it was really great to see it head out after six months of work. Stores are slowly getting there buttons and fabric. I have started a list and in a few days I will give you all a list of where you can find them.

I have some fabric and buttons to give away. I decided instead of giving three smaller prizes, I would give one big ol'huge prize. Wouldn't you love to be the winner of this? You get a fat quarter of all 27 of my fabrics and some buttons. Leave me a comment and you'll be entered. Also while you're leaving me the comment, let me know what you would make with all of that fabric. I will choose a winner randomly so don't worry about your answer, I'm just curious.

This is yet, another big week for Jennifer Jangles. Holiday newsletter start this Wednesday! I can't believe that it's October. How did that happen? So I am scurrying around here like one of Santa's helpers getting beads pulled and ready for Etsy. I've got some new ones planned as well as kits and jewelry. It's so exciting! I know some of you are thinking it's way too early for this but I spotted Christmas decorations this weekend when I was in Atlanta. Crazy eh?

Let's see you have until next Sunday to enter the give away. It might be confusing but there will be another give away on Wednesday, that one is part of the holiday newsletters. Get signed up if you're not already.

Happy Monday!

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