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Hey, Hey,

Have you gotten the premier issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts? It's super cool! I have one of my favorite things to make as a project in the magazine. They are my hand painted supply bags. I love painting the fabric, sewing the bag, embellishing it, and then making a beaded handle for it. I like projects with lots of different steps. I guess that's why I love mixed media. In the magazine you get a full size pattern for the pencil bag. The instructions and photography are amazing. Cloth Paper scissors always has pretty photographs, I can't believe how good they made all of my bags look.

I know you're thinking those bags below don't look hand painted....You're right. But with all this Happy fabric floating around the studio I couldn't help myself, I had to make some. I love how they turned out and I am thinking these are going to be teacher gifts this year.

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I love velvet ribbon, so I added a stripe across the front of the bag. I think it helps show off the supply tag.

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I own an entire bolt of this purple flower fabric. You'll be seeing a lot of it, I love it!


I did sandwich some batting between the layers when I sewed these bags from the cotton. I did some fun wavy striped quilting on this one.

I have been making these supply bags for over a year now and everyone has been asking for these tags. I am offering them online now. You can find some on my website, along with my buttons which work great for embellishing as well. You can also find a handful of tags in the Etsy shop. Oh, and if you really just want a bag and don't want to make it, I have you covered in the Jangles Emporium.

If you leave a comment today, you could be entered to win the painted bag and a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors gifts shown in the top photo. I will announce the winner in next weeks holiday newsletter.

Have a great day,


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