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Happy Fall

Happy Fall! I hope you're all out doing fun fall things on this Saturday. We're just waking up around here and I don't know what our plans are, I'm thinking a corn maze might be fun. But over the last few weeks we have been having lots of fall fun. We're only a few hours from the mountains so we have found ourselves up there a few times this month. We went to an apple orchard and picked apples. It was fun and beautiful. I could have picked apples all day.

I am kind of goign backwards here with my post...sorry it's how things are flowing this morning(pre-mocha). Above is a cute little house my mom made with my new Home Sweet Home Pattern. How cute is that? The fabric is Hallowgraphix by Jason Yenter just in case you need to get your hands on some.

My mom is going with me to Quilt Market next week. She and Nik's mom are coming down early to help me get ready. How nice is that? I am hoping she will sew some more houses for me. Once she does, I will post them.

The next few days are super busy packing up for the show, you might not hear from me for awhile. But people are asking for holiday beads....just to let you know by Wednesday they will be up. I even have a holiday themed necklace for this weeks newsletter.

Have a great day,

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