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The Search for a Studio

Isn't this studio great? Just drool with me for it bit.....It was almost mine....It's in a section of a warehouse that is converted into lofts, artists studios, and small businesses. About three months ago, I went and looked at it. It had been for sale for quite a while so they decided to lease it. I called the landlord the day after looking at it. An hour before someone had called to say they were buying it. Ugh...I guess it was one of those too goo to be true things.

That is what began the search for a studio. There was more space available in the same building, it just need to be finished out. I drew up plans, we had many meetings, and the property manager was to call some builders out for estimates. That was three months ago, I called every week for a couple of those months. He told me he was working on it, but then I slowly began to realize this just wasn't going to happen.

I have looked at lots of properties since then. Some were too much money, some I later found out had landlords with bad reputations, and mostly people would just not call me back. Seriously in this economy and people can seem to call me back? It just seems people would want to rent their space, right?

Nik and I had settled for awhile that Jennifer Jangles would just be in the basement. In some ways that's great, but with trying to park cars in the driveway, me not really being able to get away from work, and worst of all is not having anywhere to go when our boys have their friends over is just too much. Our house has become half the size because of the studio growing.

So here is the good news...I might have found a place. I called the landlord and was going to meet him later that day to look at the space. I decided I would be the flakey one this time and cancel. It seemed too big and I just wasn't thinking it was going to work. I was headed out to the post office an hour before my appointment and for some reason I turned right instead of left and headed for the studio space. I thought I would just go check it out through the windows. I peeked in and it was nice, really nice. Just a big ol square with some bathrooms and a place for my kilns. I turned around to leave deciding to leave and the landlord was pulling up. He was early, so we checked it out, I then went and met my neighbors who were super nice. I did some other checking and found out the landlord is a good guy. I called him yesterday and told him I wanted it. Wahoo!

He's getting a lease written so it's not official, I haven't signed a thing. I am not super excited yet, but I am sure this is because of all the flakey people I have dealt with so far. But I am optimistic, I think it's going to happen. As soon as I sign the lease I will go take pictures and show you.

Of course my brain is reeling, this was always going to be just a studio but it's large and it's in a retail location. I could have a store, I could have classes, or open houses, oh my! So many ideas. I would love to hear your suggestions....

Happy Friday!

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