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8 inches of snow fell last night at our house. We have been warned about this since Friday and we and everyone else around here prepared for the storm. Still, we weren't expecting so much. It's always a mad dash to the grocery store before a storm. The stores stock extra bread and milk because everyone panics. I have to admit I have become one of those people. There is no way you will get me out on the roads with Georgia drivers in snow. So the first Krogers I went to yesterday I drove around the parking lot four times and could not get a spot. There were tons of people looking for spots, double parking, etc. I gave up and drove across town to a Krogers that has a giant parking lot. Inside was the craziest experience. Every Kroger employee was there stocking the shelves. Imagine the busiest Christmas eve shopping day and double it. That's how busy the store was with customers. The shelves were cleared of bottled water. You would have thought it was the end of the world. Peoples carts were piled high with essentials like water, milk, bread, and fire wood. It was very calm and they were playing soothing music. It was amazing to me because right before I left Nik and I were talking about how the pictures on the weather channel were showing empty grocery store shelves. We were wondering how they staged those photos because there was no way they were really empty. Boy were we wrong!

We're going to make the best of it, we have big plans today for playing in the snow. We cleared the driveway last night of our cars. One at the top for emergencies because there is no way to get up it in snow, and the other in the garage. Were thinking the driveway will be a good sled run. My boys haven't had snow pants or boots since we lived in Wisconsin 4 years ago, so I am working on some plans now for garbage bag and duct tape pants to keep them dry. It should be fun for one day. I am a little fearful of the ice coming this afternoon. I don't want to be home another day, I might go crazy. So if you placed an order at the end of the week please be patient and I will ship it as soon as I am back in the studio....hopefully tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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