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Day 4 and I'm not Taking It


Yes, it's day four of no school....but I am headed to the studio. I'm told the main roads are clear and it's mostly the neighborhoods that are bad. I have lots waiting for me at the studio so I'm headed out in a bit.

This week at home has been fun and a nice break. I have really gotten used to sleeping in, I don't know what will happen when we have to get up for school again. I have also gotten a lot of computer and design stuff done. The things that usually get pushed aside for more pressing things like bead and button orders. I worked on some new sewing pattern designs, and did some portfolio work, and started designing the new front page of my website. This morning while still lying bed, I realized I should have been working on taxes! I totally forgot I need to start getting all of the paperwork and numbers gathered. Ugh....glad I just remembered today.

So I couldn't bare to show you another snowy picture so I found a starfish drawing in my notebook. I drew this when I was in warm and sunny Florida a few weeks ago.

Have a great day,

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