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The Beginnings of a Store

Hello, Hello,

Wow, counting the weekends and MLK day yesterday, the boys were out of school for ten days straight! Today everyone is back to where they are supposed to be and the snow is melting. Wahoo!

Today's to-do list is 2 pages long...
web updates
new work on Etsy
store sign
oh, I will save you from having to read it all.

The most exciting part is I am finally setting up the store portion of my studio. I got the studio up and running for making buttons pretty quick, all the extra stuff is taking time. With the holidays and snow getting in the way of progress, I finally feel like I might be making some. I got two tables built today. The parts for the tables have been on the floor for two months, so seeing them up and in use is amazing to me. I even started a bit if a display. I need to drag out all of my display stuff and really get to work but that will have to be later in the week. Oh and the really big part of setting up the store...making things to sell.....I have nothing right now. The holidays wiped me out.

So you see number two on my to-do list is new work for Etsy. I just photographed some of it this morning...I am hoping it's up by tomorrow. I will let you know when it happens.

Have a great day,

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