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Monday Morning...

Mondays...Lately I have started out every Monday with a gigantic to-do list. By Wednesday, I am feeling better because I have whittled some of that list away. Today is not different. The store opens this week, I have a quilt show this weekend, and I have at least on e-mail or appointment everyday this week. And when I get home, baseball starts this week, we have tennis and piano already. I know I asked for all of this and most of the time I am really happy with it all, just not on Monday mornings...

So I am going to drink my coffee and work really hard his morning so I can get to my Wednesday "this weeks gonna be alright" feeling a little earlier. It's a beautiful spring day here in the seventies so we are going to open the door up at the studio and let some fresh air in. Here in Georgia, we have grass and trees blooming. Spring has arrived. Above are my version of Easter eggs, they are ceramic and I placed them in this fun grass I found. It's one of my favorite mini displays at the gallery.

I am going to take lots of photos today of the studio and gallery, there's a lot going on, I will post it come back by then.

Have a great day,

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