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Random Stuff

Hey all...look at these snazzy mugs I just pulled out of the kiln. I am loving them and wish I could keep them for myself. But they are headed off to a store....I guess that a good thing as well.

I know I keep showing you my cherry tree...I was outside last night and there were moths flying all around the tree. It was magical. You can see the moon up in the sky as well. I wish I could of captured it better than I did. It's going to rain today and my blossoms are all going to fall off and then I won't show you any more pictures of my favorite tree.

Sunday was Birk's birthday and he wanted to go to the zoo. He and I took a ton of pictures but this was my favorite of the goats in the petting zoo. They have a good system going.

I am working on all kinds of behind the scenes projects here and have loads of deadlines. I have some exciting new things coming out of the kiln and hope to share some in the next few days.

Talk to you soon!

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