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Thrifty Finds

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I mentioned it was girls night out Friday and we went to a thrift sale and dinner. I know we got pretty wild and crazy. :) It's an annual sale held by the local art center to raise money. It is always a blast. I always come home with lots of treasures. Here's my stash from Friday night. I got some golden books to use for notebook covers, some metal tins to paint up and decorate, and my best find of the night were the picnic baskets. I have been wanting a travel sewing box for all my nights at baseball and tennis. I love to bring along my hand sewing to keep myself occupied while I watch the boys play. I, of course, am going to do these up in Jangles fashion. Stay tuned, that will be another post down the road.

I didn't want you to miss the previous post. I have a handful of fat quarters in the Etsy shop. It's all I have... get em while you can.
Have a great day,

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