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Photo Shoot


Hey, Hey,

Here are a few of my pictures from my photo shoot last week. I am really happy with the way they turned out. Especially with the photo of me. I almost took a picture of myself this morning so you could see how I really look, but then I thought I might scare you away. :)

Worked on the booth yesterday.... I think I changed my theme/idea four times. My dumpster dive was sucessful and that part of the booth I like. I am also getting close to having the walls decided on. I swear once I get the "bones" of the booth finalized I will feel better.

Totally changing subjects here... if you're local, you're going to be excited. The entire line of Polka Dot Garden will be in the shop soon! Wahoo, all 23 bolts. Can't wait, can't wait. I am thinking it's going to be another week and a half because I live on the other side of the country from where it's shipping. Watch the blog, you'll know when it arrives.'s a glazing day here at the studio....and while I glaze I will be staring at my booth and thinking....and thinking....and thinking....

Have a good day,

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