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Quilts and More

Hey, Hey,

It's my first project ever in Quilts and More. I am super excited! You know why? This might show my nerd-i-ness here.....When you go through the checkout at the grocery store, this magazine is on the rack at the checkout. I have never been in a magazine that is so close to the register. I am in the book stores with all the crafty magazines, which don't get me wrong here, its a great place to be. But every time I go to the Krogers, I am reminded that I have a project in the magazine. This makes me happy because usually I don't like grocery shopping.

But anywho it's a pin cushion project and I have kits! Quilts and More shows one version of the pin cushion but I have three colorways in my store right now. I cut up every last scrap of purple flowered fabric I had to get as many kits as I could, but I have to admit that is my favorite fabric from Happy so I had used a lot for myself.

Several people have asked me about felt balls too. I have them as well in the shop under kits. I couldn't decide where to put them in the any better suggestions?

I will give you a tour.... Here's the purple version

The Blue Version... this fabric is my new line Polka Dot Garden

And the most popular fabric of my Happy line was the red flowers...

So I am working on a free project for you, a newsletter, new beads, oh my. Stay tuned...

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