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Bench Building

Hey, Hey, Remember yesterdays new bench? It was so easy to build I thought I would pass along some photos. I didn't follow any specific directions so I can't give you exact measurements for cutting wood. I have spent a lot of money getting the store ready and I needed to make the outside look good on a budget. I had made a lot of wood saw horses for tables when setting up the store and we had a pile of left over 2 x 4's in the garage. The best part was they were all about the same length.

Here's my pile...
I found four all the same height and perfect for the legs. I set them aside. I then found four more that would make a rectangle the size for a bench seat. I nailed them together.

Next, I nailed the four legs into the corners of the rectangle. Looking like a bench already eh?

Then I needed to go to the hardware store. I couldn't put together enough of my scraps for a seat top. I bout 3 1x4"s. It cost me 6.00.
I measured how long I needed them to be and cut them to size.

Back to hammering...the seat slats were nailed on.

The only step left was the paint....

I knocked this bench out in less than an hour and I still had wood left. I needed a shelf for my new fabric. I put this shelf together. I had to spend 12.00 on the long piece of wood on top. I had a couple feet left so I built a mini shelf with it.

Painted it white....
There it is in the store....
I think in the end I had a couple 6 inch 2x4's in the garage and I cleared everything out. It fun to be creative to use up all the wood we had. My next building project is going to be a long farmhouse table for our back porch. I am going to build it just like I built the bench, but bigger. I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend,

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