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New Kits and Organizing

Good morning!

Just a quick note to let you know that I have added five new kits to the Jennifer Jangles website. three Pretty Bird kits and two Daisy Pin Cushion kits. You can see them here.

I am feeling good right now, I finally have gotten new work on the website and in the Etsy shop. Now I need to work on the actual store. As usual, I have some big plans for it. Living in a college town summers are very quiet, so it's the perfect opportunity to rearrange and get things organized before everyone comes back in the fall. I want to get organized. I found this book, Organizing for the Creative Person. I love the idea of being organized but the thought of little drawers, file folders, and labels scares me. I am getting uncomfortable just talking about it. For the most part, I know where things are, but I have to admit, I do spend a lot of time looking for things as well. I need to be able to see everything. The bigger my business gets, especially with the store, the more stuff I have to organize. Any body have any suggestions? Any good books? I am going to take a few days off around the fourth, I think I will read up on some of this. My plan is to spend a few weeks in July getting it together. Of course, I will take you a long for the ride. :)

Have a great day,

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