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Problem Areas

Hey, Hey,

As promised my problem areas....

I told you, I am on a mission to get organized and I am loving it. We had a three day weekend at home and I got started there. I have some pictures and I will show you tomorrow. But first, I wanted to show you what is driving me crazy at the studio.

I have been so busy this year that I moved into the studio and set it up the best I could. I then had to get to work and haven't really had time for much else. That is why I looove summer, things slow down a bit and my boys go to camp which is way longer than a school day. That gives me time to re-group and boy do I need that this year.

So the above picture is of the boxes that were shipped back to me from Quilt Market in May.... yep still sitting there.... I need better storage.

This is a really nice set of wire shelves. I love these and they hold a lot and right now they are holding a lot of everything. They are kind of a catch all for clay and glaze stuff. I need more shelves.

There's my bisque... all just unloaded from the kiln and put in trays with no rhyme or reason. I need some order here.

Yikes! I think this is my worst. Katie will tell you, every time I go to make jewelry I have to ask her, "Have you seen my...", "Do you know where...." I loose everything, all the time on this desk. But remember, if it goes in a little drawer, I will never put it back. I have to be able to see it. I will get order soon.
Whew, there's more but I will save you from all the photos. I have some big plans (as usual) for the fall and the only way I will pull it all off and maintain my sanity is if I am organized. I am starting today, I would love to tackle it all at once but I still have to do my normal tasks of making, glazing, etc. A little bit everyday is how I will get this done.

Stay tuned....

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