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Coming Along...

Hi everyone....

How was the weekend for you? Mine was alright. I spent Friday and Saturday at the Atlanta gift mart. If you have ever been there you will know it's humongous! Three big ol buildings full of products for stores to buy. It's loads of fun to see what's new but it's a bit overwhelming when you are actually buying. I have never done this before so I am hoping it gets easier next time. What was I buying you ask? Well if you look real closely in the photo above you can see I have expanded the store. I am moving my beading area out so the gallery can be larger. Wahoo!

I am gearing up for the fall so I needed bags, boxes, tissue, holiday decorations, supplies, and gifts. Loads of new stuff will be coming in shortly, plus I am working to get my own artwork stocked up as well. There are big changes coming to the studio and shop soon. I will let you know all of the details in the next few weeks. You local shoppers will be so happy to hear I am going to have regular store hours! Can you believe it?

This is where my beading area will now be. It's going to be smaller so organization is going to be very important. That's what I will be working on today.

Tables are getting moved around in the organization process as well. I also have been working on lots of behind the scenes organization like store procedures, special order forms, etc. Paperwork that is going to hopefully make my life easier. :)

I've have set a goal of two weeks for all of this organization to be complete. I will be out the first week of August to spend time with the fam and then the boys go back to school. Yikes!

Happy Monday!

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