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Hey, Hey,

Just checking in to say hello.... look at my pretty flowers. Don't you just love the pattern on the center of that sunflower? I don't ever want it to wilt, it's so cool. I think I will paint those dots today and they will probably show up somewhere down the road in a bead or fabric design. Who knows.

I am making great progress on my studio, I will get some pictures later to show you. I even had a new customer in yesterday and she said, "wow, your studio is so organized". I didn't even have to prompt her to say that. It really is looking organized.

I have one more week to get things wrapped up, that's another one of my self-imposed goals. I will be out of the studio and off of the computer the first week of August. Take note, if you were planning on ordering. I need a break with the boys and it's the last week of summer for us. Can you believe it? It went by so fast.

Keep on enjoying your summer....

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