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Pin Cushions and Embellishments

Hi there! I put a few new items on the website this summer and forgot to mention them. Boy, it was a busy summer! I always play catch-up in August and that's what I am doing now, catching you up on new work.

Remember when I returned from Spring Quilt Market? Yes...that was May....told you I'm playing catch up. I showed you this picture. Here is a pretty cake stand of pin cushion rings.

I love these! I have been making them for the past few years but it has taken me a long time to get them "right". I finally have them the quality and style I want as well as I have found the right components. These rings are adjustable so they fit anyone. The ball is wool so it keeps your pins and needles sharp as well. I wear one all the time when I sew. You should see mine, it's covered in pins, needles, thread....let's just say it is well loved.

It's funny how many folks have bought them just to wear as rings with no intentions of ever putting them to use. I love it!

So I know I have shown you this necklace before...

And this bag...

Where did I get all of those snazzy felts, beads, flosses, and velvets? From my embellishment kits. I found myself using the same supplies over and over again and decided I should kit them up. I don't know about you but I am a sucker for kits of fun stuff like this. In each pack you get an assortment of felt, tulle netting, floss, beads, trims, and my favorite, hand dyed velvets. Yep... I dyed those and I really wanted to keep them all for myself. Oh...I should mention each kit is a little different in color, even though they are all bright, how fun is that?

Alrighty... I am off to work on some blog tutorials today. I can't wait to share with you....

Have a great day,

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