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Hey, Hey,

It's raining today! I can't believe it. I don't remember the last time we had a rainy day. I like them sometimes, even though my hair is so big and frizzy because of it. There is no product that can tame it today, I will just deal.

I know that's why you stopped by my blog today, to hear about my hair troubles, hee, hee.

I've got about ten things that need to be done and I am so all over the place, none of it is getting finished. I am hoping to hunker down and get to those things today.

On my list....

1. Make the next studio classes schedule
2. Send out an e-mail newsletter
3. Add holiday work to my websites
4. Fire the kiln
5. Glaze some tiles for designing
6. Get new work in the Etsy shop
7. Design a Holiday postcard
8. Paint some ornaments
9. Work on new sewing patterns
10. Work on Holiday Newsletters

There's ten, that's enough. I will let you know how many of those I got done today, tomorrow. I really need to stop obsessing with the holiday projects. I am spending all of my time working on them so I can be prepared, and that's good. But really, there are other things that should be checked off the list first.

I am always about ten steps ahead of where I should be, does anyone else have that problem? I know my son does...I am constantly telling him to slow down. Ha! I should listen to what I am telling him. Of course, he doesn't listen to me either. He might of gotten the stubborn trait from me too. :)

Have a great day,
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