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As Promised

I was headed home from my accountant's office yesterday and it was so pretty and warm out, and I just happened to have my camera in the car, so I took a detour. I took a quick walk through the botanical gardens. I was determined to snap some photos of daffodils and I figured this was better than pulling over on a busy road to shoot the ones that were randomly popping up. The problem about warm weather in the winter is that it still gets dark at 5:00, even though everyone still wants to be outside playing. I shouldn't complain.

 Otis got to run around while I was loading up my kiln. We have a hilly yard so he plays fetch with himself. If he lays the ball down it will roll down the hill and then he can chase it. When he was a pup this would entertain him for hours.

With all those nice pictures, I thought I would show you where I have been spending a lot of time the last few days. I have been doing lots of glazing. I seem to have accumulated a lot of orders so I am working to get those finished up as well as get new beads made. I have some prototypes in the kiln today that I am pretty excited about. I am even thinking about submitting a jewelry project to a magazine. That's something I haven't done in forever.

Anyway, the desk is a little messy and needs a good cleaning but I can reach all of my glazes when I sit here so until I have a break in the glazing, it will look like this.

Have a great day!
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