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 Hello, Hello,

So my work has taken an exciting turn....well at least I think it's exciting. I am hoping you can give me your opinion on this matter as well. In the past I have always painted on ceramic tiles and scanned them into the computer to use in my surface designs. I feel like I know what I am doing when I paint with glaze. I know what colors work on what, how the colors will flow together, etc. It was also a uniqgue way to approach surface design. There are some pretty big drawbacks to painting on tiles though. First drawback is the color pallettte. It's difficult to mix glazes and get what you want. You don't really know what you've mixed until it comes out of the kiln the next day. Which is my second drawback, time. Waiting to have a hole kiln load of tiles to fire takes time so design work has to be done in increments. Third drawback is the glare and transparency that the scanner picks up from tiles. Trust me I have played with all sorts of over glazes, including matte to get rid of this problem but I lost that battle.

The tulip above is one of my glazed tiles and it's a flower that will make it's debut in Tussie Mussie that will arrive in a few weeks.
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Here is a painting I did this week of a flower that also made it's way into Tussie Mussie. It was glazed in Tussie Mussie but here it's painted. It ttok me a bit to play around with different surfaces, different paints, and different styles of painting. I found that when I usually paint paintings I am a bit more carefree and layer-ee. You know I like to load color on top of color on top of color. When I tried scanning them to use in surface design, the look was too far from my "look". So I think I have figured out how to paint like I do on tiles but on paper. Whew!

So please oh please tell me what you think, I am anxious to hear. I have only shown a couple of folks so far.

Thanks a bunch and have a great day!

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