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Sewing with Tussie Mussie

 Hey Hey! I have been sewing like crazy. I wanted to get samples made of all of my sewing patterns. Here they are in Tussie Mussie.

I'll do a little posting in between the patterns, I feel like I haven't talked to you. I have had lots of deadlines lately and so I have to avoid anything online while I am working so hard. But now things are being sent off and I am finding more time to check some other things off of my list.

I has a ball sewing with my new fabric, there are so many different options for colorways. There are lots of oranges, blues, and greens in the line as well. As you can probably tell from my sewing, I really like the reds.

This might be my favorite version of Rhubarb yet. I used red velvet ribbon for her hair and laces. Love it!

I am working on two new sewing patterns today. I am tweaking, editing, photographing, and more they still have some time before they head off to the printer. Hoping to have them by then end of April. Fingers crossed, that it all goes smoothly.

Have a great day,

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