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Jennifer Jangles Bags and Jewelry

I am so excited about this! If you're a store you might have seen some ads in Gifts or the Atlanta Gift Mart book about my new line of quilted bags and ceramic jewelry. They are officially shipping to stores. You can see all of the bags and jewelry here at Caffco's website. There are 32 bag options and 28 jewelry options.  If you're a store you can get a wholesale login for pricing etc. If you're a retail buyer, I have a list of stores as well.

Here are some more pictures.... love, love, love them :) Can you tell I'm excited?

Notice how the bags all have these fun ceramic zipper pulls? and ribbons? I like "do-dads" and thought you would too, they are on every bag.  I even added a ceramic flower pin to the front of my fun. Caffco has them as well.

This is my favorite necklace...been wearing it a lot. Actually been wearing several at a time....

I'm going to re read this post a couple more times and drool over the new things and then it's back to the studio redo.

Have a great day,

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