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Fabric Ceiling

Still working on the studios. The ceiling in the design studio doesn't exist. The previous owners of the house left us all of the parts to do a hung ceiling. The problem is that there are pipes that hang lower in some places than others. If we did put in a ceiling it would end up being pretty low. Neither of us wanted that since the room is already small. I decided I would try a fabric ceiling, why not, there was nothing to loose. And it turns out, I am pretty happy with the results.

In my theme to re-use. These are the walls of my quilt market booth from last month. I started with these and stapled them on each side of the wall to cover things.

Once all the white curtains had been stapled up I went back in with fun fabrics I already had. I had some sari-like fabric, some madras, and some glittery tulle. I used the staple gun to attach the fabric to each side.
I just kept attaching strips until all of the ceiling was covered. There is a light fixture in the middle of the room. I cut a hole in the fabric where it was. Then I got one of those ceiling fan medallions to bolt into the rafters. This would keep all of the fabric a safe distance from the bulb.

While I was at the hardware store I found a screw in socket that can take two bulbs so I doubled my light for about 2.00!

I also added some flags to the ceiling for fun.

See you soon,
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