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Crafting and Sewing

Hello, Hello,

Well the sun finally came out and I was able to get some photos snapped. I added a bunch to the Etsy shop yesterday and still hope to add more later in the week. Now that the studios are kind of moved, or at least moved enough for me to work in,  I have some time to get to other things.

One of those thing is sewing. I hate to admit this, it's almost embarassing, I just unpacked my iron from Quilt Market! That's kind of ridiculous. My beads are still in a bag that I bought at Bead and Button as well. 

But! now they are all unpacked. I am ready to sew and craft. There are about a million different things I want to try in quilting and when I go into my studio I become overwhelmed and confused and usually walk out or start working on something else. Last night I spent the evening going through blogs, website, etc making a bit of a to-do list for quilts. I am going to start sewing this afternoon and I can't wait. I will be sure to take some photos.

Have a great day,

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