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End of Summer

 Morning! How is everyone out there in blog land? I feel kind of out of my element blogging this morning, it's been awhile. Summer is winding down here and so we have been doing lots of end of the summer cramming. You know, trying to get in all those things you swore you were going to do when you were staring down the start of summer. It's been a good one, but no one ever really wants it to end, right?

 I have also been very busy in the studio, working on a new fabric line, so far it's titled "number six" because that's what line it will be be! I am still in disbelief. Don't worry it will have a different name. I've got a few I'm tossing around. I have to have everything finalized next week so it's good that these boys are getting back to school.

I have also been sewing like a mad woman. If you have been following me in Instagram or seeing them in the blog side bar, you might have seen a few sneak peeks of projects. I am starting to accumulate quite a pile. Some will be on the blog, some will be new patterns, and some are just for me. I will share lots soon. I just need to remember to bring my camera in the sewing studio.

I also have been loading up the Etsy shop with goodies. I've added some Halloween and Christmas, it's that time of the year to start on your projects. Plus some Crafty pendants made it in the shop as well. I just photographed a big ol batch of new and standard Jennifer Jangles pieces to get in the shop this week. I am going to attempt teaching Fletcher how to edit my photos. He's a computer and video game guy so I thought this could be good computer experience beyond gathering coins and racing toads. I've got my fingers crossed he enjoys it because it takes me forever to do. 
Is your summer winding down? What have you been up to?

Have a good one,
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