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Home Sweet Home Challenge

Hello, Hello,

I have to share with you what the Great Plains Quilt Company did in their shop. They had a Home Sweet Home challenge. The only rules were that they had to use my Home Sweet Home Pattern as a starting point to make a house for the stores holiday village. They had a month to make them and then they gathered in the store to build a village and vote for their favorites. Here are some of the photos below. There were some really creative folks in this group....

                              A deer stand, I can't say I ever imagined that coming from my pattern.

                                                                Love the Hexy roof

                                                                        Some village shots

                                                              Looks like a real brick house


Aren't they great? I couldn't believe how much work everyone put into their projects. I wonder if they will expand their village this year....

You can find the Great Plains Quilt Company Facebook page here.

Have a great day,

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