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Ticker Tape Quilt

I finally had a chance to get my ticker tape quilt photographed, yipee! I had so much fun making this quilt. I had a big ol bag pf scraps containing fabric from all of my previous lines. I can't bear to let go of any of them so when I came across a picture of a ticker tape quilt I knew I had found there use.

First I started by deciding how large I would like the quilt to be. With ticker tape quilts you quilt as you go. Since this was my first time doing this I decided to stay small. My quilt would be a wall hanging measuring 36" x 45"-ish. I cut my white background, batting, and backing a bit larger. Sandwiched them all together and got it all on my work table. I started sorting my fabrics and cutting squares and rectangles of all sizes. At that time I didn't have a clue about how I was going to lay them out. I like to figure things out as I go, so I hopped right in to cutting and arranging.

In the first layout I had colors scattered around and it was just too jumbled for me. So I then started grouping the blocks by colors. I was happy with this layout so I started pinning. I tacked each piece down with a straight pin. This was just to hold it's place. When I started sewing I would line it up near the other blocks to be straight. I chose to sew around each block and then continue on to the next without breaking my thread. That must be the lazy(or efficient) quilter in me. :)

After sewing down all of my blocks, I could trim the excess background and bind the quilt. Ta da!

We are planning to hang this one on the lime green wall in our bedroom. I snap a picture as soon as that happens.

Want to know more about ticker tape quilts? Head over to the Sew Mama Sew blog.
Have a good day!

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