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In my head I had pictured a really great wreath, unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. I am knee deep in Holiday Projects around here. Sometimes the projects fail. I'm going to have to chalk this one up as a fail and move on. Unless someone has a really great idea for it... anyone?

I have also been failing at "me time" I have been wanting to draw and paint soooo badly lately. Not for work but for fun, not anything that somebody wants me to draw. I don't seem to be able to find the time. I am hoping it comes soon. While I'm asking questions, anyone have any ideas for carving out time? Anything that works for you?

I'm also considering some challenges, like Illustration Friday, design challenges, etc. I have only participated in a handful of things like that. It seems like fun. I was doing some jewelry designing the other day for a company and I had a set variety of beads to work with. I came up with some designs that I really liked. I realized again, that when I given limitations the creativity comes out. I think challenges would help me that way. I thought about pulling out a handful of my beads and challenging myself to work with what I have grabbed. Oh so many things to think about. Question three... Anyone working on any challenges right now? Got any suggestions?

Maybe I should change the title of my blog post to questions.

Make sure you come back tomorrow, I have my biggest give a way ever starting tomorrow. It's going to be fun!

Have a good day,

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