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Gift Card Holder Pattern

My boys like gift cards and I like giving hand made gifts. This is my solution for giving them what they want and still getting to make them something as well. I'm stitching up a lot of these for under the tree this year.

Supplies Needed: 1/2 yard of fabric, 2 yards of ribbon, fiberfill, and coordinating thread

Begin by cutting 6 squares that measure 7" x  7" and cutting 2 rectangles that measure 7" x  3.75".

Begin by placing the two rectangles face down onto one of the squares of fabric. Pin and then sew down each side of the square.

Now line up the two rectangles so the right sides of the fabric are facing. When doing this, the square will end up being folded in half. Now stitch From the outside edge, on the seam approximately 1.5" in and turn 90 degrees and sew down the folded square. Do this one each side. This will result in the pocket that will hold your gift card.

Trim the excess fabric off after stitching.

Fold open one of the rectangles and press. This is now the top square of the box that you will begin sewing. Use this as one of your "fabric squares" that I mention in the following steps. Since the squares are all the same size, it doesn't matter where the pocketed square ends up in the sewing sequence.

Line up two squares with right sides facing in, sew down one of the sides. Repeat this again with two more of the squares. Next, open the sewn squares up and line up the un-sewn edges with each other. Sew down these sides as well. At this point you should have a box shape just needing a top and a bottom.

Pin one of the remaining squares onto the four sides of the box. Sew around the edges.

Repeat the pinning and sewing of the four sides for the last square of fabric. This time be sure to leave a 3" opening for turning and stuffing.

Clip the corners and turn the box right sides out. Fill the box with fiberfill. 

Using your hand, you can push and arrange the pocket so that it is down into the fiberfill. Once it is arranged and the box is full, stitch the opening closed. 

Slide the giftcard into the pocket.

Using the ribbon, cover the pocket with the middle of it. Take the ribbon to the bottom of the box, twist it 90 degrees and bring it back up the opposite sides. Once the ribbon is back at the top of the box, tie it in a bow. Trim and long ribbon ends.

You can find the free printable gift cards here at my blog. They'll be up all season long for printing.


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