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Look What I Have

Hello! Looky at what I have...eeek! It's Extraordinary World. I haven't sewn a darn thing with it, just been petting it. You know how that goes right? I make a quilt out of every line of fabric. I am being wishy washy about the design though. This is my favorite line of fabric so far and I am already feeling like I don't have enough. Ugh, I hate that feeling, I'm sure you fabric hoarders out there can relate.

I wrote a book that goes along with the line of fabric. It's something I have wanted to do forever. It's a rhyming book that teaches kids extraordinary colors like chartreuse and saffron. It's full color and has all of the pictures in the book that are on the fabric panel. And there's a quilt project in the back of the book. I have them available through my website and I will sign them before I ship them. :)

I just did a quick online search typing in Extraordinary World Fabric and I found it herehere, here, here. There's also a page on my blog that lists the stores that carry my fabric, you can find it here. I'm sure there are others as well.

Ok, gonna get back to arranging and petting fabric...maybe someday you'll see a quilt!

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