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3000 Sales and More

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Hey Hey,

I had just finished tucking my boys in bed last night and I clicked on my phone to check my e-mail. I had an Etsy order for four items. I just knew it had to be the one. I made my 3000th sale in Etsy....woot woot. If your an Etsy shop owner you are well aware of that number. Back in the fall, I remember I was getting close and then I was thinking I wonder if I could hit 3000 before the end of the year. So I made it my goal. It's funny how making goals really does help you get there. I should really make some more. :)

My boys always take snapshots of their phone screens, so I had them take one of mine.

Around here, we traveled to Indiana to see both sides of the family over Thanksgiving. It was a nice little break. I always put my lights up before Thanksgiving that way I can light them right when I get home. We lost a lot of strands this year so I am feeling like my display is a bit small this year. I have tried and tried to take a picture but I live down a hill and you just can't take a good photo.

Now on to the inside of my house....uh....we don't have our tree yet. I can't believe it. There have been sick kids, meetings, grocery shopping, orders, etc. which so far means no tree. Maybe this weekend. I will admit, she's the reason I'm dragging my feet. She eats everything, this tree will be too much for her to handle.

I try to negotiate for a table top tree or an artificial but my boys are not standing for any of it. This is going to be a disaster.

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This post is turning into lots of random information....I'm going to keep going. :) I am not quite ready to start baking but when I do I have a couple of recipes picked out that I cannot wait to try this year. I'm going to try these and these. Yummmm

Since I'm going totally random with this post, my son is allergic to wheat so a lot of my baking is gluten free these days. I use this flour and everything tastes exactly like it did with the regular flour. We started doing gluten free last year and I remember feeling very overwhelmed about choices, how to make food taste good and normal. This flour is your ticket, hope it helps some of you out there.

On tap today is finishing up some glazing, I've got lots of little holiday orders that are going in the kiln today. And then tomorrow, fabric collections eight and nine(can you believe it?) are getting painted. It's funny to say that because number five, Extraordinary World JUST came out. You gotta work so far ahead in this design world that I've become a part of.

Alrighty, I could keep typing but I really need to get glazing.....

Have a great day,

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