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Flower Pins

Here are the instructions below for creating some fun, yet simple flower pins. Pins are just the beginning for these flowers, they could be clips, magnets, embellishments and more.

6" x 24" cotton fabric, 1" x 2" green felt for leaf, .75"-1" ceramic disc or button, sew-on pin back, needle and thread. Optional: small beads, ribbon or trim, glitter spray.
Begin by laying out your fabric, using a long ruler and rotary cutter, cut a diagonal line to make two long and narrow triangles. The top of the triangle should measure 1" and the bottom width should be 5"(see diagram in pdf). Next fold the two ends inward a 1/4" and press. Fold the triangle in half so the raw edges meet and press. Start at the small end of the triangle and start rolling to form a circle that the disc or button will fit into the middle of. Continue to roll the fabric until you have used it all. With a needle and thread stitch all of the layers together. Sew the leaf(pattern on PDF) and the pin onto the back as your sewing the bead or button to the top.
Stitch any ribbons or trims on at this time. If you want a bit of sparkle a layer or two of glitter spray will do the trick.
Instructions with pictures and diagrams can be found in the printable PDF. Click on the Flower Pins link below to take you there.

Flower Pins


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