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Exploring My Options

Morning all, It's Friday! yipee!

If you got my newsletter this week you know that Explore is my word for 2013. Boy oh boy, I am putting it to use today.

I have an old PC computer that I use for invoicing and shipping and it's about to die. My Mac won't support my label printer and my Quickbooks is out of date as well.  I am going to explore my options for. This is the year where I am looking at how I do things and asking myself if there is a better option. I don't know about you but especially with boring office stuff, I make a decision and forget about it....some times for years. So how do you invoice and ship labels?

Plus, this has nothing to do with computers, I have several sewing patterns that are about to be sold out. I am exploring my options for reprinting, PDF's, or letting them go once they are gone. While I am asking for your help, what about patterns? Do you like PDF or printed? If it's printed do you want super fancy and colorful or does it matter?

Thanks for your help!

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