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Hi there, I think I mentioned in another post about my new found love of crocheting, sigh...

It's something I have always have wanted to learn how to crochet but timing was never right for classes, too many other things were going on, etc. One day at Michaels I found myself in the yarn aisle and thought I would just buy a hook and a skein of yarn. I took it home and started looking online for simple tutorials. I crocheted and ripped it out and then crocheted and ripped it out. It turns out I bought way too fuzzy of yarn and the wrong size hook to start out. But I am proud to say that after about three weeks of non stop crocheting every night, I have the hang of it. 

I have made banners, pillows, flowers, little dogs, granny squares, you name it. I have also collected every hook and a huge basket of brightly colored yarn. 

This is my latest project, a granny square pillow. More on that and pillows later.

Have a great day,

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