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Studio Clean Up and Organization

I can't believe I am showing you this picture...It's kind of ridiculous, this place is torn up. It's been quite a mess lately, actually every since I moved back from the gallery. It's bee quite a challenge to organize it and make it all fit into one space.

Nik hung some shelves for me, not that I couldn't do it, but in actuality, he's much better at hanging them straight. It woudn't bother me if they were a little bit crooked and it would be a problem once I started adding things to them. 

It's a tad sad though, because these metal shelves have been with me since 1996, when I started my business. Kind of crazy, they have been well used and they are starting to bend they have been so well used. They are in my garage now waiting for me to take them away. But for now I am too attached to take them. It's funny, because I'm not usually attached to things.

The truth behind the motivation for this whole studio organization was that a magazine editor and her crew were coming to my house to photograph and interview me for a magazine. Unfortunately, I got a call last week saying the magazine was going away. What? All this work and no pictures? I guess in the end it had this place needed to be cleaned up anyway.

So here is what I have done so far....

My beading area

Folded and rolled my fabric

Organized my scraps by color in baskets

Spiffed up my shipping supply closet

Made this counter my bead glazing area (still needs some work)

(Glamour shot of my yarn basket for fun)

One shelf is my Etsy Store and one shelf is my Jangles Store

It's starting to look a lot better. Of course now that the photographers aren't coming on Friday, how will I ever find the motivation to finish it?

Have a great day!

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