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Pin Cushions and Fairy Gardens

I made these little miniatures for pin cushion toppers a few weeks ago. They have a flat little base and two holes. You can sew them on to the top of any pincushion. It's also starting to warm up here, so I've been thinking about my gardens. On my list of garden plans is a few fairy gardens for the front steps. I've been pinning a lot of them on my Pinterest lately, checking out how the are arranged, etc.

Let me back up, if you're wondering what a fairy garden is... It's basically a miniature garden, usually in a pot. Plants are used to look like trees and supposedly a fairy would live there. Personally, I'm not much of a fairy person, so I would like to think a frog or a snail might live in mine.

Anyway, I decided that my pin cushion toppers would work just as well as a fairy garden accessory. So I'm making more, playing with some other garden-y things as well for the pots.  I'll show you when I'm finished...promise.

Have a good day!

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