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It's Christmas! Fabric

 Waaay back last spring I started designing this fabric. It's so funny how this fabric designing world that I am a part of works. But anyway, It's Christmas! will be here in June. That's super soon, since it's April. I wanted to give you a sneak peek before it heads to stores.
  I am starting early this year, planning out my projects, that way when the fabric arrives I am ready. I love those stripes and really want to use them in a border.
 I have a list of fabric stores on my blog that carry or have carried my fabrics. There's really no way of me knowing who has what, but I encouraged you to contact them if you're interested. Most of the time, if the owner's hear someone is interested in getting a certain fabric, they are happy to order it.

If you're a store owner and I don't have you listed, please oh please, send me your name and info and I will add it to the list.

So It's Christmas! comes in June, give me a few days and I'll show you what's coming in July.

Have a great day,

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