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My Crochet Afghan Progress

It's been awhile since I've updated you on my crochet progress. This is what I do in my free time these days, usually in  the evening on the couch or on the porch. It's an afghan that is from this pattern. So far I am sticking with the pattern, even though there are several times I wanted to go off roading, or um, do my own thing.

26 large granny squares are finished, there are 24 more smaller squares to make. They have been started.

Once the squares are all finished then some long stripes are crocheted and then they are all stitched together. I'm waiting until the squares are all finished but I am already thinking it needs to be bigger. When it gets to that point, I promise to snap some more pictures.

One more thing before I sign out... I picked a winner for the Owl giveaway. Congrats Raina! I have e-mailed her and she is super excited about a flock of owls heading her way. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Have a great day,

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