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Making Metal Stamping Charms and Pendants

Hey, Hey! I was doing some metal stamping the other day and thought might as well snap some photos and make a tutorial out of it.

It's super easy and fun. Stamping is great for personalizing jewelry for gifts. How about that apple necklace as a teacher gift, what teacher wouldn't love it?

Here's the how-to.

Supplies: Metal stamping blanks, metal letter stamps, an anvil or metal plate( for placing blank on), masking tape, permanent marker, flat surfaced hammer, ball pein hammer (optional)

First, you'll need to place your stamping blank onto your metal anvil or plate.

Place the tape over the top of the blank. This will hold it in place while your stamping. It also makes the  stamps stay in one place while hammering. 
With your marker, write out what you would like to stamp. This will be a guide for your stamping.

Start by placing the letter standing upright on the blank. With your flat surfaced hammer, hit the top of the stamp 2-3 times without moving the stamp out of place.

Continue across your blank, stamping all of your letters.
When your finished with stamping, remove the tape from your blank.

If you would like your stamp to have more texture, you can use the rounded side of your ball pein hammer to add some. I just randomly bang around on the blank.

To make the letters stand out more on the blank, scribble over them with the permanent marker. Take a cloth and rub the blank. This will push the marker into the crevices.

You're finished with your stamping. 

I got my blanks from Buy Just 5 Supply on Etsy. I see that they carry tools as well. My apples and Coffee charms are in my Jangles Etsy shop. And I got the super cute spoon charms at CL Beads.


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