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Summer Earrings Tutorial

Easy earrings, can't beat that...

1 pair Ceramic Flower Links
1 pair Ceramic Heart Charms
2 jump rings
4 accent beads
4 head pins
1 pair ear hooks


1. String an accent bead on to a head pin. Make a simple wire loop just above the bead and trim any excess wire. Do this four all four of the accent beads and headpins. Here's a tutorial if you need help with loops.

2. Open the jump ring and slide the link, two head pins and the charm on to it and close. Here's a tutorial if you need jump ring help.

3. Open the ear hook, just as you opened the jump ring and slide the other side of the link onto the hook and close.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the second earring.


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