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Fabric and Free Patterns

Hello! Some fabric has made it's way into the Jennifer Jangles Etsy Shop. I was able to get the last bits of Polka Dot Garden and Tussie Mussie from In The Beginning. These have been out f print for over a year now and they are getting hard to come by.

Usually, I don't like to sell my fabric in my shop. I never want to compete with other quilt shops and stores that carry my fabric. But, folks are always asking me to sell it. These bits and ends are my solution. Now I have to admit, there's was a moment when I wanted to keep them all for myself. Truthfully, I have my eye on several fabrics I might not be able to part with for FOREVER. Any who, they are in the Etsy shop, everything I have is listed and there is no way to get more of these fabrics ever again. Yikes!

In the headline I mentioned free patterns. That's right, anyone who make a fabric purchase this month(June 2103) will receive a free Jennifer Jangles Sewing Pattern. You have your choice of four different patterns. And here they are....

You can enter the pattern you would like in the comment box of the order. If there isn't a comment, then I am happy to choose a pattern for you. 

Have a great day,

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